The Glamour of Autumn

Telegraph reader Alistair Homer: “I saw your request for autumn pictures and I thought I’d submit this picture which was taken at Black Pond on Esher Common, Surrey. Just as I was about to press the shutter a stick came whistling over my shoulder and hit the water with a large splash, promptly followed by a black Labrador, completely ruining my photographic moment of autumnal tranquility and I thought, my perfectly mirrored reflection of the beech tree and its spreading boughs. After the dog had left, with stick in mouth and the small waves had had turned to ripples, the scene presented a very different reflection. The autumnal colours of the beech leaves, to me, look like flames.”

Tourists enjoy a rare burst of sunshine in Cambridge as they punt down the River Cam in front of a glorious autumnal display.
Picture: Lee Sanders /

A tourist does a handstand under an autumnal tree in Hyde Park, London
Picture: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images



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Hey there!!! I'm Chulani. I LOVE music more than anything else. Music is everything for me!! & it's always there for me whenever I need it..not like ppl. I like to lead a carefree life.
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One Response to The Glamour of Autumn

  1. NIce catches, the first looks like an impressionist painting and I love the handstand.

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