New James Bond Theme: Skyfall

Skyfall by Adele is the new theme of the the 23rd James Bond movie. If you still haven’t listen to it then you should! It has this moody tune which is really nice! It is the theme of the new James Bond movie.

Skyfall was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, and features a 77-piece orchestra. According to it’s producer Paul Epworth, it is “dark and moody”. Epworth said they worked hard to give it, “the James Bond feeling”. He added: “I think you will need to see the film and see where the song happens in the context of the film…. and it will all make sense.” (source)

The song was number one within 10 hours of being released (at 00:07 BST), overtaking last week’s official UK number one Gangnam Style, that crazy guy’s song.

Here is the lyrics video of Skyfall:


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