Twilight vs The Vampire Diaries

It’s time for a TVD-Twilight chat, since the final part of Twilight & TVD Season 4 is gonna release on October…

The Vampire Diaries and Twilight has lot of differences as there are lots of similarities. TVD is written by L.J. Smith in 1991 whereas Twilight is written by Stephanie Meyer in 2005. (This gives us a clue ‘bout who copied who… just kidding)

Both the stories mainly deal with three ppl, two boys (forget ‘bout the fact that the vamps are hundred-and-something years old) and a human girl (love triangle, same ol drama): In TVD it’s 2 vamps & a human girl (helpful and popular in school) & in Twilight it’s a vamp, a werewolf & a human girl (quiet, self-sacrificing, unpopular type).

Vampires in TVD die from heart attacks (driving a stake through the heart), sun and fire. Vamps in Twilight die w/ fire. Mystic Falls vamps are ‘allergic’ to a flower called Vervain (or Verbena) and they have the power to hypnotize ppl (compelling). Forks vamps have amazing mental powers.

In Twilight werewolves are in charge of hunting the vamps & in TVD there’s a special council of humans called Founder’s Council to hunt vampires. The council members are officially in charge of commemorating the founders of the town. But their true goal is to protect the town from vampires. (But sometimes they are fooled by the tricky vamps).

Bella urges to become a vampire whereas Elena doesn’t want to be one.

In Twilight vampire bite can turn a human into a vampire. In TVD if a human has vamp blood in the system & dies within 24 hrs (or is it 48 hrs??) & then drinks human blood that one turns to a vampire.

Mystic Falls vamps wear a special ring to go out in daylight (but some unfortunate vamps don’t have that ring). Forks vamps sparkle in daylight. (Weird!!)

These are just a few differences b/wn The Vampire Diaries & Twilight that cross my mind. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more… So which one do you guys like most? Is it Twilight or is The Vampire Diaries??


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  1. Marie says:

    Love this!!!!!

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