Space Age Homes

These are some of the Space Age Homes that are created by architects, of course (source: msn). This is totally crazy, but it’s kinda cool too!! 🙂 These things always remind me that we’re in a crazy world.. aren’t they?


Visitors to the Hollywood Hills are forgiven if they suspect a flying saucer is hovering above the trees. Alas, the sight is actually the late architect John Lautner’s Chemosphere, a 2,200-square-foot, octagonal house perched atop a 30-foot pole so it can fit on a too-steep slope.

Leonard Malin, an aerospace engineer, built the home in 1960 and lived in it until 1972. In the next 25 years, the house saw a succession of owners, hosted many parties and was run-down by the time German book publisher Benedikt Taschen bought it in 2000 and restored it.

If the house looks familiar, it may be because it’s had numerous appearances on screens big and small, from the ABC-TV program “Outer Limits” in 1964 to the movie version of “Charlie’s Angels” in 2000. Its Space Age cred got a boost a few years after it was constructed when “The Jetsons” aired, filled with round homes supported by poles.


With a shape like a spaceship and a planet in its name, the MercuryHouseOne, designed by Italy-based Architecture and Vision, is as futuristic as livable pods come. The firm describes the solar-powered structure as a “mobile living unit.” It stands on three feet and is accessible via a ramp.

The architects say nature inspired its design: The shape, they say on their website, resembles a raindrop to “optimize the relation between the outer surface of the skin and the inner volume.”

In concept, the pod is a space to relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature. But in case residents desire human distractions, Mercury HouseOne models feature the latest in lighting, audio and video technology for a groovy lounge experience.

M-vironments and the M-house

Think the future of prefabricated housing is destined to be homogenous and bland? Don’t tell that to artist Michael Jantzen, who has designed a series of concept homes called M-vironments. They feature hinged panels on a modular support frame that inhabitants can adjust to create whatever space their hearts desire, whenever they want.

The M-house, shown here, is composed of rectangular panels attached to a grid of interlocking cubes. The panels fold in and out to create spaces for different functions — walls to close off a room, for example, or to open a space to the outdoors. The panel and cube configurations are adjustable, as well.

Like Bruno’s Steel House, the M-vironments were never meant to be mass-marketed. “It is more of a functional art concept,” says Jantzen, noting that just two have been sold.

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