Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere

October 11, 2012 the Season Premiere reveals the new life of Elena Gilbert.

The third season finale of The Vampire Diaries was a mind screw from beginning to end, and creator Kevin Williamson promises it’s only going to get crazier from here. “It’s not going to be easy,” he told about Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) new life as a vampire. And he added; “It’s going to be very emotional.”

“It’s really going to open up both relationships between Stefan [Paul Wesley] and Damon [Ian Somerhalder] in a brand-new way,” Kevin said. “Her relationship with each of them now takes on a whole new dichotomy. … And more importantly, how it changes things between Stefan and Damon.”

Watch the interview: Kevin Williamson Talks Elena’s Journey As A Vampire On ‘The Vampire Diaries’


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